Open Source

  • Wallace.jl.
    A high-performance dynamic framework for evolutionary computation, written in Julia. Achieves the performance of C++/Java tools, such as ECJ and Evolving Objects, whilst maintaining the simplicity and ease-of-use of dynamic-language-based tools, such as DEAP.
    A tool and an associated file format, for framework-independent visualisation and analysis of evolutionary algorithms from their log files. Written in Python, powered by pandas, numpy, scipy, and matplotlib.
  • AutomatedRepairBenchmarks.c
    A collection of bug-ridden benchmark programs, written in C, tailored to be solved by automated repair techniques on as wide a range of platforms as possible.
  • Push.jl.
    A Julia implementation of the Push programming language for (auto-constructive) evolutionary computation. Integrates with Wallace to perform high-performance PushGP in Julia.
  • RubyREVAC.
    A simple, but effective implementation of Eiben and Nannen’s REVAC (Relevance Estimation and Value Calibration) method for efficiently tuning meta-heuristic parameters, written in Ruby.

Closed Source

  • Voyager (July 2011 - July 2013).
    A flexible cloud-based tool for performing financial analysis and anomaly detection, built using a variety of languages and tools, including Ruby, Rails, AngularJS, Python, EC2, MongoDB and Redis.
  • The Guild of Dark Knights.
    An online massively multiplayer online role-playing game, set in Medieval Britain (and later in Late Medieval Europe and Near-Asia), where players assumed the role of a penniless bandit, and had to plunder, steal and battle their way to the rank of king. Hand-written in PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript and CSS, when I was aged 14. At its peak, the game had over 50,000 registered users.
  • Chaos2020.
    Following the success of TGODK, I spent two years developing Chaos2020, another highly ambitious MMORPG, set in the turmoil of a post-apocalyptic world in the aftermath of a nuclear war, where players come together to rebuild civilisation, fighting for control over the precious few resources left. After writing the game from scratch several times over, I eventually shelved it as I started university and the market sadly shrank.
  • University of York Karting Club Website.
    Replaced an archaic website with an extensive dynamic website, complete with an events system, details results and race analysis, and track and driver records. Built using Rails, HAML, Bootstrap, SASS, Puppet and Heroku.